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Beijing Enterprises Water
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Be Water Network

Social commitment

Be Water’s social scope inherent to its activity is of utmost importance. Teams, municipalities and population in general are all covered by its social commitment:

  • Solidarity
    • Service to communities in need;
    • Technical solutions to allow the access to water distribution and wastewater collection systems in areas which are not covered by the public network;
    • Financial solutions for service continuity in struggling populations;
    • Support to local initiatives.
  • Involvement in local sustainable development initiatives
    • Involvement in local authority “Agendas 21”;
    • Carbon footprint calculation;
    • Development and deployment of ecological plans.
  • Territory appeal
    • Long term responsible management of infrastructures;
    • Technology transfer and local knowledge improvement;
    • Local economy and tourism stimulation.
  • Awareness and educational campaigns
    • Leading awareness campaigns in schools and development of educational tools;
    • Training courses and visit to sites;
    • Environmental citizenship promotion