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Be Water, acting in the urban water cycle, is committed to continuously improve the quality of its processes, products ans services.

Aware of the environmental impacts of its activity, and the risks to which its workers are exposed, the company commits itself to:

  1. Establish the corporate governance on a communication aimed at preventing professional risks and defining of monitoring practices and good conduct, improving the organization's value based on its assets;
  2. Ensure the economic and financial sustainability of its activity supported by efficient management, teams competence, industry experience, environmental performance and the provision of excellent services in the urban water cycle;
  3. Develop its activities supported on services, value and responsability principles, answering at anytime to stakeholders needs and expectations;
  4. Make and promote a sustainable use of natural resources, preserve biodiversity, fight against climate change and reduce the environmental  and water footprint of its activities, and simultaneously contribute to preserve environment, prevent pollution and increase energy efficiency;
  5. Maintain a high standard of Occupational, Safety and Health in order to minimize the risks of incidents and workers' injuries;
  6. Promote the awareness and the improvement of workers skills to fulfill collective and individual obligations to care for their own and others safety, to protect the environment and to improve the quality of life, and to promote among partners, subcontractors and suppliers the adoption of the same values;
  7. Comply with all applicable compliance obligations.

This management policy (environment, quality, health and safety at work  and social responsability), is to be considered by workers a priority and basic principles of performance.



Be Water's Management Policy