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This type of contract can be linked to an operation contract. Maintenance contracts can be applied to all infrastructures and equipment of a facility and are defined according to the specific maintenance needs:

  • Time based preventive maintenance;
  • Condition monitoring preventive maintenance;
  • Corrective maintenance.

Be Water will:

  • Develop and validate the preventive maintenance plan for all static and dynamic equipment;
  • Deploy the preventive maintenance plan;
  • Control the maintenance plan execution;
  • Deploy corrective maintenance measures using highly specialized teams according to the complexity of the jobs (welders, electricians, automation technicians, …);
  • Carry out a 3 level quality control check;

Be water is also familiar with a wide range of software solutions for computerized maintenance management, namely ManWinWin, Maximo and MAC.

Time based preventive maintenance will be OEM directed (Recommended in equipment manual) with all replacement parts supplied by the manufacturer.

Be Water also has a broad experience in condition monitoring preventive maintenance and in techniques such as vibration testing, IRT (infrared thermography), balancing and alignment, owning the necessary equipment namely vibration meters, thermographic cameras, shaft alignment tools and laser alignment tools.