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Integrated management system



The Be Water Group is certified by APCER according to the referentials NP EN ISO 9001 / NP EN ISO 14001 / NP EN ISO 45001 .

The integrated management systems are tools of continuous improvement, used in modus operandis of the Be Water Group, and rely on the involvement of all staff and business partners.

There are several advantages on the voluntary adoption of implementation and certification of these management systems. Some examples are the documentary and structural organization, implementation of methodologies and common practices in all business units. Such factors, in competitive markets, makes the difference. The group achieved one of its internal management biggest goals: the unification of all activities and business areas in a single integrated management system.

The board of Be Water, S. A. boosts positively the management bodies, in pursuit and reaching the objectives of management, having in view the teams cohesion, the fulfillment of legal and other requirements, the full satisfaction of customers and shareholders, and the commitment, took several years ago, to provide and implement a service of excellence to its customers and users.

The methodology applied is based on  the cycle of continuous improvement, also known as PDCA cycle (plan, do, check, act).