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Human Ressources

A group composed of multifunctional talented teams

A company is composed of individuals who interact in a team, in the development of the commitments and objectives of the structure. The structure for their time has as mission to establish the system that governs the relations between the workers, tailor each one to function to play and establish its integration into the structure.

The management of human resources in Be Water is replaced by a set of simple principles, inscribed in its policy, which aims to put the talents and skills of workers, in a context of social well-being and labor, to the service of the development of the group

  • Promotion of the development of skills;
  • Social promotion of workers throughout his active life;
  • Guarantee of working conditions that respect fundamental human rights and international labor standards;
  • Ensuring the safety and health of workers;
  • romotion of awareness and training of workers for their individual obligations, and collective, in ensuring their security and on the other, in the protection of the environment and improvement of the quality of life;
  • Promotion of diversity and the fight against discrimination.

The group ensures the appropriate work environment to achieve compliance with the requirements of the product and the services that it offers. Ensures that the workers who perform tasks that can affect the quality, the environmental performance of the product/service, and put into question its safety and/or premises, has jurisdiction based on schooling, training, know-how and appropriate experience.

The group is certified in procedure of safety and health at work according to the referential OHSAS 18001/NP 4397.