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Environmental Commitment

Be Water has a strong commitment towards the environment, the future and the next generations. Protecting the environment while contributing to the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity is a priority.

The following focus areas demonstrate our commitment towards the environment

  • Sustainable management of the water cycle
    • Protection and monitoring of water resources;
    • Water loss reduction in water distribution systems;
    • Continuous improvement in the performance ofwater and wastewater treatment plants;
    • Development of alternative water sources – reuse of treated wastewater.
  • Biodiversity protection
    • Plant management according to local ecosystems and environmental impact risk identification;
    • Sensitive area identification
    • Preservation and renovation of natural habitats and ecosystems.
  • Fight against climate change / energy consumption reduction
    • Treatment process and energy use optimization;
    • Energy certification for buildings owned by Be Water;
    • Renewable source energy production (sludge, cogeneration);
    • Improvement in work travels – operation circuits streamline;
    • Calculation and follow-up of its carbon footprint.