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Economical commitment

Environmental and social commitment respect are always followed by the choice of the most economically favourable solution, in a global project lifetime approach.

Some operational areas which make up a good service cost optimization are:

  • First-class water distribution and wastewater collection infrastructural management as a key factor in service quality and economical efficiency excellence;
  • Choosing the most adequate technological solutions for each situation; 
  • Management based in equipment and installation energy efficiency;
  • Preservation of water resources by reducing water losses and further reducing water needs and energy consumption; 
  • Reduction of infiltration in wastewater collection networks, reducing pumping capacity and inflow to wastewater treatment plants thus reducing energy consumption; 
  • Concern with service cost optimization, while maintaining quality excellence; 
  • Care taken regarding service to the community and the problems of the local population. 

It is all these areas of action which lead to the economical commitment, part of the services provided by Be Water.

To promote environmental, social and economical solutions, by innovation, research and development and sharing the best practices in the sector, which meet the needs of future generations – these are the bases that guide Be Water’s business.