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Beijing Enterprises Water
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Client Management

A company’s mission, whichever its area of activity, is to provide a service which brings global satisfaction to its customers.

Be Water’s services comprises all stages, from giving information to the customer-to-be, to the service contract, technical support and payment collection, all of these warranted by client orientated teams, with proper training.

An appropriate client relationship is key. We aim to provide our customers service excellence through:

  • Our commitments – Our Commitment Letter is a pioneering initiative in presenting goals that bring us closer together to our customers and increased service quality and that aim further towards meeting the needs of each customer;
  • The efforts spent in evaluating customer satisfaction levels through the regular deployment of customer satisfaction surveys and the prompt response to complaints and suggestions;
  • Local availability through setting up several service centres throughout the Municipalities where we are located;
  • Customer service innovation with the “House Assistance” offer which includes not only occasional services with guaranteed quality and low cost, but also a leak prevention service;
  • Making information available both on paper and on the internet, focusing in local service and conditions information.

We work for our customers, supported by available, clear, easy and quick communication. We create ways and channels to reach our customers and for our customers to easily reach us. We hear our customers and update internal procedures according to their complaints and suggestions.

We demonstrate, in a daily basis, simple and effective answers to complex questions are a reality. We work towards simplification and efficiency!