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Asset Management

Infrastructural assets (facilities, network and equipment)

The infrastructures associated with a water supply or wastewater collection systems are the most valuable infrastructural assets in these systems because they are at the core of water service quality and its economical efficiency. Thus, in order to effectively and sustainably manage these assets, Be Water adopted an infrastructural asset management model which allows us to:

  • Guarantee service sustainability and adequate service levels;
  • Clarify and warrant investment priorities;
  • Find a balance between performance, cost and ris in the short, medium and log term;
  • Make a sustainable use of our water and energy resources;
  • Plan and adapt our systems to climate change;
  • Privilege the rehabilitation of existing infrastructures over the construction of new ones, whenever possible;
  • Promote investment and operational efficiency gains;

This methodology is based on the AWARE-P project approach, developed by Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil (LNEC), Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), the Portuguese Regulator for the Water Sector (ERSAR), software supply companies ADDITION and YDREAMS and the Norwegian Institute for Construction and Infrastructure (SINTEF).

Non-Infrastructural Assets (Human and Information Resources)

Non-infrastructural Asset management aligns the company’s development strategy with gains or opportunities indentifies in its human and technological resources by:

  • Building and multidisciplinary team with direct responsibility in implementing the infrastructural management model
  • Provide this team with the necessary knowledge, technical capabilities and tools needed to implement this model;
  • Contribute to the prepare the “Plano Diretor”, identifying and substantiating different investment options and their impact in the efficient and sustainable management of the infrastructures;
  • Participate in innovative Asset Management related initiatives;;
  • Create a culture of collecting and sharing information which allows for extending the existing data pool to support decision making processes;